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    ↘ General Rules

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    ↘ General Rules

    Post by The Juice Box ♥ on Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:05 am

    ↘ General Rules
    Hello! Thank you for joining this forum Yeslove! Please enjoy your stay, however we do have rules to follow. Please take note of the following.

    ↘ Posting Rules
    ► No explicit words please. This is a forum that welcomes 13+ people, thus, please keep this forum clean and rated - PG.
    ► Every post must be equivalent to 12 words or more. If less, it will be considered as a spam.
    ► It must relate to topic.
    ► No double posting. If double posting is done accidentally due to slow internet, please PM one of the moderators to delete your post. Be sure to say thanks afterwards. If you have to reply a lot of people, do it in a one posting way.
    ► Definitely no spamming, although I like spamming, and you all do, we have time for spams and spazzing. Please refrain from spamming our forums.
    ► When quoting a long post/message, be sure to shorten it and only quote the important stuffs you want to make a point/point out.

    ↘ Profile Rules
    ► To keep your profile neat and easy to access, I recommend to you to not put many GIF gfx. GIF pictures tend to make the internet slower thus it might result to lagging.
    ► No sticky caps. This is really annoying for me and I know a lot of others are also annoyed with sticky caps, please refrain from using sticky caps, it does not make your statement more "beautiful".
    ► You can put your LJ/FB/FS/twitter/TUMBLR or other sites for people to catch up with you. But be sure nothing leads to a pornography site or any scary widgets! I've seen a lot of scary links disguised in nice words. Please refrain from doing this.

    ► No claiming of people/celebrity.
    ► No foul language please!

    ↘ Inactivity
    As for inactivity, you can always put in your profile the reason why you're not active. A one month inactivity will cause you ban, and a two month inactivity will cause your account to be deleted. We don't want our forum to be stuffed with inactive members, do we? Don't worry though, we will warn you before we do such actions.

    ↘ Admins & Moderators
    Admins and moderators will try our best to keep this forum organized and updated, though please keep in mind that every admin and moderator has their own lives too. If you want to delete something you posted (EG. Double posts) and you PMed a moderator but she/he haven't replied to you in one week, please PM another moderator to delete it.

    ↘ Bashing/Showing off
    This is a user-friendly forum, please refrain from getting into an arguement with the other party. Also be warned about showing off, this usually is the cause of most fights. If you have something really awesome, be sure to keep it to yourself to avoid jealousy from other members. No bashing of other members/ Kpop group.

    ↘ New Members
    Please try to recruit new members in this forum! Though, we would like you to do it the nice way, not by force. New members are always welcome as long as they like Yesung or SJ or any KPOP for that matter.

    ↘ Advertising/Afflitation
    No advertising in any posts/profiles/signitures. We are trying to make an afflitation forum to feed your advertising needs. So please wait.

    ↘ Use of Language
    The use of International Language applies in this forum! This is an Int'l forum which everyone in every country can access, please be considerate and think of the people who can't/don't understand your language, or if you use your first language (if English isn't yours) be sure to add a translation for the other people to understand! But simple Korean phrases/words (EG. mianhae, annyeonghaseyo, kamsahamnida, gomawoyo, pabo etc.) are understandable.

    ↘ Past Issues/Rumors
    SJ had a lot of issues last year, please do not bring up/mention any of those incase of the other party is sensitive. (EG. Only 13, Forever 15) Don't spread rumors without clear evidence! If rumors are proven true and you want to tell it to other users, PM the admin or moderator first for approvement.

    After reading all the rules, I hope you understood all of it, you are now free to explore Yeslove, be sure to introduce yourself first to all the Clouds out there!

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